The UK’s Leading Provider of Psychiatric Expert Witness Reports across the UK


Established in 2004 Psychiatry Experts was the UK’s first dedicated nationwide Psychiatrist Expert Witness Medico-legal Practice, today we remain the leading and trusted Psychiatrist Medico legal Expert Witness with a vast membership of Expert Witness Consultant Psychiatrists located across the UK.

Our Consultant Psychiatrists provide High Quality Expert Witness Reports to the Legal Profession in Criminal Case, Personal Injury, Child and Family, Employment, Prison, Mental Health and Public Law.

We are able to provide Immediate Appointment Availability; Multiple CV’s and Quotes for Expert Witness Reports of Expert Psychiatrists local to you and your clients based on your needs.


Our highly experienced team have managed thousands of Independent Psychiatric medico-legal reports for Solicitors, Employers and Insurance companies and work hard to provide a prompt and professional service tailored to their needs, no matter how complex the case or time frame they are working too.

Our case handlers have an in-depth knowledge of both law and each of our Psychiatry Experts and upon receipt of your enquiry, they will be provide you with a range of expert psychiatrists, their respective timescales to prepare the report and an estimate of costs of each expert

Our Experienced and Diverse Panel of Consultant Psychiatrist Expert Witnesses include:

  • General Adult Psychiatrists
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists
  • Forensic Psychiatrists
  • Substance Misuse (addiction) Psychiatrists
  • Learning Disability Psychiatrists
  • Older Adult Psychiatrists (over 65 years old)
  • Neuropsychiatrists
  • Adult ADHD, Aspergers and Autism Specialists


Competitive Costs:

Our Psychiatry Experts work within ‘LAA Approved Rates and Guidelines’.

Since our Expert Psychiatrists rely on us to represent their expertise to our clients, an increasing number of them operate and also route their expert witness medico-legal work exclusively through us, whereby the costs of the reports would be the same as going direct.

By contacting us, Solicitors benefit by saving time by not having to make a lot of phone calls and wait for responses. We will provide a wide range of Expert Psychiatrists local to them allowing them to select the most suitable expert available for their case swiftly.

Fee estimates will vary dependent on the complexity of the case, size of bundle, and whether the expert is required to travel i.e to a prison or solicitors office or clients home.

We also offer flexible payment terms to our clients including deferred payment terms.

Please contact us and we will provide you with an estimate of fees based on the details of your case with a breakdown of the hours required for each part of the assessment together and the hourly rate.

Short Waiting Times

As a specialist Psychiatrist expert witness practice, we will provide our clients with swift access to our Expert Psychiatrists, allowing them to instruct the most appropriate Expert Psychiatrist for their cases and ensure that reports are provides within the stated time frame and costs estimates.

We have often been phoned from solicitors and barristers from court and sent them CV’s and Estimates instantly to allow the parties to consider them and the Judge to order the instruction of one of our psychiatrist in urgent cases on the same day.

We aim to provide most reports within two to four weeks of instruction and receipt of medical notes, but can also provide some reports in less than one week.

If you have a tight deadline, Call us and we will try to meet it.

All of our members work within the three month practice direction.



All our Psychiatry Experts are members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Mental Health Act 1983 Section 12 (2) Approved and members of the General Medical Council.

Many are established having provided several hundred medico-legal reports and been specifically trained in Expert Witness Report Writing.

Caseload Management:

Due to the number of nationwide Psychiatry Experts we have working with us, we are able to provide a high volume Psychiatric Reports Service to our clients which include solicitors and insurance companies who are looking to progress their large cases loads swiftly and address any limitation issues.

Call us today to discuss your caseloads or for further information